We have a Discord Server!

What is Discord?

Discord is a voice-chat app that is designed with gamers in mind. It allows you to chat with friends, clanmates, create and join communities and chat live. It's designed to run seamlessly alongside your video games, allowing you to chat in real-time with your teammates.

You can join or create your own server on Discord for your own community. A Discord server can also have channels where you can chat about certain subjects or have sub or mod only channels. 

Click here to join the Loot Drop Graphics Discord server

The Loot Drop Graphics Discord Server

We have been carefully putting together a little space on Discord for anything Loot Drop Graphics related. The server is for anyone who is interested in gaming, design, streaming, web design, content creation or for people just looking for some guidance on their new Loot Drop Graphics.

We've added a few different channels to our server for anyone looking for help on a Loot Drop Graphics product, wanting to showcase their artwork, look for tutorials or help and so much more. We are hoping to grow our Discord community into a fun and lovely place for fellow designers.

There is going to be so much more added in the future and we will always be wandering around in the channels.

We are also open to any suggestions you may have for the server or new channels you would like to see.

Come in and join the conversation!

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