Make Every Adventure an Unforgettable One.

Who Are We?

We are a team of gamers first and we also like to design awesome things. We like to help streamers up their streaming game by offering a wide variety of graphics including sub badges, Twitch panels right up to complete stream overhauls. 
Loot Drop Graphics is not even a year old yet and we’ve helped over 2,000 streamers already with our digital downloads. We have many items and ideas in the pipeline for Loot Drop Graphics, watch this space!

The Founders Story

“I’ve been a designer since I could pick up my first colouring pencil. Over the past few years I’ve been helping contents creators improve their streaming experience. 
Whilst working in the gaming and content creation industry I’ve noticed that not all creators can afford the best designers or animators to help them succeed. I wanted to offer creators an affordable alternative to commissioning a designer just to get them started. I started Loot Drop Graphics to offer a wide variety of graphics from sub badges, bit badges, animations to complete stream overlays.”